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    Tefal Optigrill Griller ( GC702D70) - Brushed stainless steel, Unique patented technologies, Automatic Sensor Cooking, Cooking Level Indicator, 6 Automatic Settings, Defrost and Manual Functions, Non-stick plates and drip tray, Dishwasher safe (plates & tray), 600cm 2, cooking surface, 2000 Watt power, Retail Box, 2 year warranty
    Product Overview:
    Meet OptiGrill, our ultimate innovation. Its "Automatic Sensor Cooking" technology immediately detects the number of items placed on the grill and their thickness, and adjusts the temperature and cooking time automatically. An indicator light allows you to monitor your cooking directly: Blue then green at the start of cooking, then yellow when the food is rare, orange when it is medium and red if you like your food well-done. 
    OptiGrill™ by Tefal®, for successful grilling all year round to satisfy all your friends and family every time!
    • 6 cooking programmes (red meat, poultry, fish, sausages, hamburgers and sandwiches/panini or macon) to automatically adapt the temperature to each type of food and cook it perfectly.
    • 2 cooking modes: one for frozen food, plus a manual mode that lets you cook anything the way you want.
    • 600cm2 cooking surface (capacity 2 to 4 people), with non-stick die-cast aluminium plates.
    • Large juice tray and 7° angled plates to ensure the cooking juices run off.
    • Brushed stainless steel
    • Unique patented technologies
    • Automatic Sensor Cooking
    • Cooking Level Indicator
    • 6 Automatic Settings
    • Defrost and Manual Functions
    • Non-stick plates and drip tray
    • Dishwasher safe (plates & tray)
    • 600cm 2 cooking surface
    • 2000 Watt power 
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