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    Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Racing Wheel PS3/PC Retail Box 1 year warranty

    Product Overview
    The Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel has been reviewed and refined from A to Z, the result is both modern, aggressive and authentic. With optimised mechanics, adjustable sensitivity and an ergonomic design this gaming gadget ensures a comfortable and realistic driving experience. Add excitement and realism to your racing games with this Thrustmaster Ferrari challenge racing wheel for the Sony PS3, PS3 Slim, and PC  features a reinforced rubber texture that makes holding on while you're taking tough curves easy, and its two sequential paddle shifters give you the power to move through challenging courses with ease. Its six control buttons are clearly identified and easy to access, and a three-position dial in the centre with push function gives you even more control over your game

    •Official Ferrari licensed product.
    •Fully programmable on both PS3 and PC with home button to access PS3 menus.
    •Steering wheel diameter 20.32cm.

    •Adjustable steering sensitivity for more precise control
    •Realistic linear resistance on the wheel with automatic re-centring
    •Fully programmable on PC and PlayStation 3 with "mapping" function
    •Wheel-mounted sequential gearbox: 2 Ferrari-style digital paddle shifters
    •1 D-pad + 12 action buttons in total
    •1 "home" button to activate PlayStation 3 menus
    •2 progressive pedals for precise acceleration and braking
    •Non-slip footrest
    •Detachable system: easy to store

    • Product Line-Ferrari
    • Product Name-Ferrari Challenge Racing Wheel PC PS3
    • Part Number-4160525
    • Brand name-Thrustmaster
    • Product type Gaming Steering Wheel
    • Colour-Black
    • For Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
    • Interfaces: 1 x game port
    • Platform supported: PC, PlayStation 3
    • Buttons and controls: 1 x D-pad, 12 x action button, 1 x home button, 2 x paddle shifter

    Price: R 625.90
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