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    Russell Hobbs PURIFRY Health Fryer, Oil free health fryer, 2L capacity drawer frying basket, 60 timer with auto switch off, Variable temp up to 200 degrees Celsius, From fresh or frozen, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
    Product Overview
    Part of the Russell Hobbs range, the Purifry 20810 is a great, healthy alternative to a traditional fat fryer.The Purifry does not use oil, so there's no need to wait for any oil to heat before cooking; instead it harnesses the power of pure, fast-circulating air to cook your favourite foods including vegetables, meat and fish. As well as reducing the fat content of your food, the Russell Hobbs Purify diminishes the vapours and strong odours associated with fried food, leaving you with the tempting aroma of delicious cooked food instead.
    The Purify 20810 features a 2-litre capacity drawer with food separator so you can cook different foods such as meat and vegetables separately, at the same time. Just set the controls to the right temperature and off you go. This innovative health fryer can even cook delicious baked treats such as scones, pies and cupcakes or comforting roasted joints; the versatility is endless. Once you've finished, there is no messy oil to dispose of - simply pop the food separator in the dishwasher and you're done.
    • Oil free health fryer
    • A healthier and odour free way to cook
    • 2 litre capacity drawer, slides out for easy access
    • Basket separator for cooking 2 types of foods at once
    • 60 min timer with auto switch off
    • Variable temp up to 200° C
    • Versatile appliance for cooking food from fresh or frozen
    • Dishwasher safe basket
    • Cool touch handles and non-slip feet
    Price: R 1 637.90
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